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What We Do

MS4, LLC serves as a gateway between Japan and the United States in helping to procure and sell products in both countries. Our process starts with talking to distributors and customers in your target market to determine whether there is truly a need for your products and/or services. Once we have established that there is a genuine interest in your products, we will, depending of your objectives, help you set up a strategy to sell your product or become your sole agent to distribute your products in the respective market. We generally work on a contingency basis, although we do offer consulting services as well. Please contact Mas Shimodaira for more information or to arrange a meeting. 

Previously Assisted Companies
  • Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd.

  • Nomura Securities International, Inc.

  • NTT Corp.

  • ​JONATHAN's Co., Ltd.

  • Q'SAI Co., Ltd.

  • Shoeisha Co., Ltd.

  • DAIGOMI Co., Ltd.

  • 10PSY, LLC

  • Sanritsu Co., Ltd.

  • Horiguchi Coffee, Inc.

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