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Mas Shimodaira
We are a trading company established to support businesses that generally do not have the financial or marketing resources to promote their products overseas. 


Our vision is to be of assistance to these companies in creating new opportunities and revenue streams in overseas markets.


MS4, LLC was founded by Mas Shimodaira. Originally born and raised in Japan, Mas came to the United States in 1976. Soon after in 1980, he founded a limousine service in San Francisco called 'Tokyo Limousine' that catered to Japanese and American corporations and high profile government officials. In 1990, Tokyo Limousine acquired its largest biggest competitor, Ishi Limousine,  making it one of the largest limousine providers in the Bay Area. In 2002, Mas sold the business in order to pursue his long-time dream of international trade. Through his limousine business and personal drive, Mas has developed an extensive network of contacts in both United States and Japan, making it easier for MS4 to open doors and develop business overseas.   

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